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 Salla Vedder

Director / Trainer /
LCA® Life & Resilience Coach

I knew Yoga would change my life before attending that first Teacher Training in January 2014. I was ready for it -


…but I had no idea that in 18 months I would be selling all my belongings in Finland and moving to live in the Canary Islands to open up my own Yoga studio. 

I guess I just fell in love with that feeling that Yoga gave me. My mentality was (and is) that "I will be guided on the way, so I might as well get going!"

There was the perfect space and time in my life for it. I had been looking for something not really knowing what, and when it finally appeared - It was very clear to me that this is what I want to focus on. 

Yoga made me feel relaxed, inspired and empowered. It made me live my life with more intention, with presence.  I love the philosophy and the practice of the Rocket. I love love love it.  Yoga clarified my mission in this life and it keeps bringing me daily where my life happens. 

So I moved to Fuerteventura and It's Yoga Fuerteventura was born. It was one big "Vinyasa" for the first 5 years as I moved (Vi) and I settled (Nyasa) to live in the rhythm of the island here in Fuerteventura. 

Something needed to change along the way and this is when the ”Inbodhi - A Yoga Circle” came in. INBODHI is a beautiful co-creation with 7 other yogis around Europe. We’ve known each other for years already, we’ve been practicing and trained together - to do what we do: to share the love of the practice, individually, collectively, and as a community. Recently I have been supporting one of my graduate opening her own Inbodhi center in Pyrenees, France. Heartfelt feeling! I'm so grateful. 

Life Coaching came in...


Over the past year I finished my studies and became a licensed LCAF Psychological Resilience Coach® (ACT Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) and a LCAF Life Coach®.  This work I will do online, in Finnish & in English. 










12 Weeks Online Premium Program "Turning Point" 

for Inner Connection, Self Commitment, Empowerment

& Yoga Off the mat

I help courageous women from overwhelmed to connected,
peaceful and committed to themselves, so that all life experiences (past / future)
can start to make sense, bring clarity, consistency, honesty, daily self compassion & presence in life.

This course is designed for committed creators / entrepreneurs who want to bring peace of mind, connection and empowerment into their everyday lives over the next 12 weeks. You are the person if you are ready to receive support on your personal and professional growth, and deep in your heart you know you cannot waste another day feeling somehow disconnected with yourself, or with your life.

For years now, I have been learning more and more about meditation, mindfulness, Inner leadership, Yoga (on & off the mat) and the alchemy of change. The heartfelt results and the benefits I’ve received myself in my own life, have been just mindblowing! 


"I joined Salla’s Turning Point program because I wanted to step onto a new path in my life and learn to commit to my well-being and integrate different tools into my daily life. I also wanted to join because I really trust Salla. She is absolutely made for this. Commitment and integration are something I have struggled with and Salla always finds the right words of encouragement and the right questions to challenge my thinking. She is very attentive and supportive and shares her time and love while leaving room for self-discovery.


Salla has really put a lot of work and thought into the programme. It has lots and lots of materials and tools, but everything is offered in a way that is easy to digest. The online platform is clear and the structure of the programme excellent. We had a lot of live meetings, but all the materials were also recorded, and I could watch them at my own pace.


Now that the programme is finished the work really begins. I notice daily how my awareness has grown. I’m not always calm or sensible or able to manage my emotions and thoughts, but that is not the point. The point, for me, is that I’m aware of the different kinds of moods and emotions and sensations that different situations and thoughts create. I’m better able to put these into words and understand where they are coming from and how I could change the situation for the benefit of my own wellbeing. I’m also daily put into situations where I really notice how far I have come. I’m not triggered by the same things I was before and even if I am, I now have the tools to sit with the emotions and deal with them better. I’m less dependent on those around me and I’m gradually discovering what and who I want to be in this life."

 if this kind of work resonates with YOU and you cannot wait to start new empowered chapter in your life -

 please CONTACT ME / or book a time for us to call and we chat more about it all!






Walk with me...
IG @inbodhisalla & @inbodhiyogafuerteventura 

FB Salla Vedder / Yoga & Coaching  & Inbodhi Yoga Fuerteventura

E-RYT500 Rocket Trainer and a founder of INBODHI YOGA (since 2015)

LCA® Psychological resilience Coach ACT / Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (2021)

LCA® Life Coach (2022)

NLP practitioner & master practitioner (2013/2014)

Dance Teacher / Choreographer, Art Academy (2005)

Since I became a trainer in 2015, I have so far led over 30 Teacher Trainings, all 200hr, 100hr & 50hr Rocket. Hundreds of graduates from Fuerteventura are now all around the world practicing and teaching themselves and their people to breathe and move with awareness in their lives. That totally melts my heart! I love the training times, and I love sitting in a CIRCLE and talking about Yoga (= LIFE), on and off the mat. I also believe that that is my superpower. My life keeps on changing in those training circles, and I’m here to learn. I’m open to Yoga teaching me so that I can facilitate and support others in their learning. 

I’ve done my 500hr Training three times now (in 2015,2016 & 2018) specialising in YOGA OFF THE MAT tools & techniques and the philosophy of the ROCKET.  

My purpose as a Yoga trainer and Life Coach is to be centered, connected and firmly rooted to myself and to my breath daily so that I can focus and empower myself and others to bring awareness in thoughts and actions on/off mat and as I’m experiencing my clear vision, steady and authentic voice, being a part of this community that is committed to peace, love and transformations, I’m also living my life Happy And Free. 

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Namaste new & old friend, 

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"I have already put many of the tools to good use and shall continue to use them as I move forward. Extremely useful. Great to know she’s part of my ‘life tool kit’ now."

— Jackie


"Salla inspires me again, and again with her authenticity and ability to unite all her students with the heart of the practice."

- Melanie

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