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Time is TBD


Online course

YOGI - Online Course for Spiritual entrepreneurs

6 biweekly meetings to create a shift within - This course is designed for Spiritual Entrepreneurs. You will learn about ACT (acceptance & commitment) in a context of your professional identity.

YOGI - Online Course for Spiritual entrepreneurs
YOGI - Online Course for Spiritual entrepreneurs

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Online course

About the Event

Clarity & Connection

This course is designed for Spiritual Entrepreneurs. 

You will learn about ACT (acceptance & commitment) in a context of your professional identity.

6 biweeks (= 12 Weeks) dive into walking the talk - Resolving any sense of struggle with spiritual entrepreneurship. Bring clarity on what is truly important and valuable for you (professionally) and how to approach what you love do in a NEW WAY.

Yogi / Spiritual Entrepreneur

  • is ready to manifest the business of your dreams / gain clarity of the steps
  • is eager to do the mindset / energy alingment work
  • heal the relationship with time / money
  • is ready to build your own community
  • desires to create an impact = reach your people / share what you love
  • gain confidence with marketing yourself and to receive abundance

Journey to You - membership is a Yoga Off the mat container, designed for You who is seeking for deeper understanding with yourselves and with your personal & professional life - to become inspired and empowered about your own journey, to create a solid and aligned connection with it, and to bring ease and commitment to your practice - so that you can nurture who you are becoming and stand tall with all  the learning curves and growth pressures on the way...

And that the practice (this life) can become a source of clarity, peace and presence, teach you the lessons you are meant to learn, realizations from inside out and strengthen the skills for your emotional, mental and energetic wellbeing, as well as deepen the honest communication

with yourself, and those around you.

Do you experience...

  • Inconsistency
  • Frustration from neglecting yourself, consciously or unconsciously (busy “family-work-years” = accidently forgetting yourself)
  • Not enough time / focus / energy
  • Lack of support and soulful sisterhood
  • Somehow stuck /  confused / unclear
  • Way (too) strong and often on your own
  • (Over) Streched boundaries (time, energy)
  • Desire to make the change, unclear how

You are READY:

  • Step up / into your self healing work to manifest your professional & personal vision
  • Nurture and create alignment and consistency on your inner connection practices
  • Stand on your own side no-matter-what
  • Figure out what is holding you back from being where / who you want to be

When you move forward, the way opens...

  • Rock solid self care and connection practices
  • Daily empowerment & alignment
  • Clarity on your personal and professional life
  • New ways of seeing
  • New resources (time / energy)
  • Support <3

Alchemize the struggle with your growth processes -


  • Tools for happiness and inner sense of peace
  • Deepen your role in relationships, with yourself / others, with work / career
  • Self commitment - Put yourself on top priority
  • Create spaciousness and connection to your days
  • Widen the guidance within in  different life situations
  • Create aligned ownership of your own experience & story
  • Take Inspired action towards where you want to evolve!

A shift in perception...

"I believe we can be enthusiast of Yoga & Entrepreneurship at the same time - and actually - when we are, we bring our connection & magic to the world in an aligned, empowered and authentic way." - Salla


Read my story: Meet Salla

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